E+ Community

Nominate Your Favorite Person or Local Business

“Everything is Positive” with the help of our sponsors and partners, is giving away free E+ Apparel and grants to Positive People and Positive Businesses that consistently promote a positive message every day.

Nominate A Positive Person In Your Life

Nominate an individual who did something to positively impact your day to receive an E+ T-shirt and a thank you gift card valued at $50.00.

Click here for terms of program.

Nominate A Local Business in Your Community

Everything is Positive with the help of our partners are offering micro-grants to local community businesses that bring a Positive Impact to their community.

Know a local business who that makes a positive impact in your community? Then nominate them here.

E+ will be giving grants to well deserved businesses and entrepreneurs for Start up capital, equipment, and community-based services.

Click here for terms of program.

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